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Thread: F1 Racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal... View Post
    But whatever. I'm so happy for Perez.
    Me too. I have nothing against Albon but the Max/Checo pairing is so much more exciting. I hope the U.S. Grand Prix has spectators this year so I can be one (although ticket prices will probably be even more astronomical that usual, at least I got to see Raikkonen's 2018 USGP victory). Max hasn't had a worthy teammate since Ricciardo so I'm hoping at last there will be some genuine competition between Red Bull drivers to take the fight to the Mercedes juggernaut. And I've never even had a Red Bull energy drink even though I visited their Hangar 7 in Salzburg in 2016.
    Who knew Red Bull would end up as a Maxican team?

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    You haven't missed anything. Red Bull is disgusting. How it became popular is a complete mystery to me.
    "For the near future, there are favorable implications in the fact that the recent reactions have not gone even as far down as the low point, which would have been normal."

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    You guys will appreciate this exceptional framed photo that my beloved brought me for Christmas. Hope you are all having a fun time in spite of the damn virus.


    Edit : Hmmm resolution isnít that good, Iím not sure I uploaded it properly, but it is Phil Hill leading the grid at the start of the 1962 1000km Nurburgring race. Itís a great picture when you can se it in full detail!


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