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Thread: Messthetics - DC power trio with pedigree

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    The new one is definitely a step up from their debut, IMO.
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    This is pretty cool. I loved Fugazi a lot back in my 80s hardcore days.
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    After one complete listen: Outstanding.Assuming all tracks are Pirog compositions.Thing is, Pirog is more than a virtuoso player, he has the knack for writing good tunes.There are tons of gifted players out there, but all too few can pen a compelling, interesting song.Pirog has that gift, and along with Lally and Canty's instrumental abilities, make Messthetics a group to reckon with.IMO.

    Now i'd like to hear a live Messthetics disc; hear them stretch out and improvise on stage.
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    Their Bandcamp page. Both their albums available.

    Now that I know about them, I'm looking forward to them coming to NYC or close enough to get to.
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    Theyre great live and tour a lot.

    I blame Wynton, what was the question?
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    They're in DC this Wednesday...with two great opening bands to boot. Really hoping I can make it; I have a show Tuesday night in Richmond so I may simply be too wiped out to make it. But, fingers crossed!
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    Thanks for the Bandcamp link. Impressed enough to order the latest.
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