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Thread: Big Brother Canada: Season 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gruno View Post
    - Adam is an idiot. I want him to go out in 4th place... just so he doesn't get to spend as much time in sequester with Sam.

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    I'm glad that Dane won. He deserved it. Both he and Adam played a really good game, but Dane kept a cool head throughout. I didn't like Adam's childish tantrums.

    For a guy that talked his way through the game, I'm surprised that Anthony didn't represent himself better to the jury. I thought his responses were really lame. And, I don't think he realizes how arrogant and condescending he comes off. I found him very offputting. It's too bad because he's obviously a smart guy.

    Otherwise, I don't think that there was anything really surprising about the finale. It pretty much went how I expected it to. It would have been interesting if Kyra had won the final HOH. I'm not sure who she would have taken with her, but she might have won if she took Anthony.

    It was a pretty good season all-in-all.


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