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Thread: Shob To Release Second Album Karma Obscur

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    Shob To Release Second Album Karma Obscur

    For Immediate Release

    French Bassist Shob To Release Second Album Karma Obscur In April 2018

    Talented French bass player Shob, who has collaborated with many artists (Roger Biwandu (Zawinul Syndicate), Patrick Rondat (G3), PapaGuyo (Sly & Family Stone), Patrick Bebey, Charles X, Eths...), will be releasing his second album Karma Obscur in Spring 2018! His critically acclaimed debut Pragmatism (2015) received over 500,000 hits on youtube, more than 600 physical copies sold, 10,000 downloads sold!

    Shob's new album Karma Obscur is a progressive rock/funk album with a really tight and meticulous production. Sixteen guests have participated in the recording, all amazing musicians. The album is described as Dark Funk, which was really Shob's state of mind when it was written. Throughout the record, you will encounter crazy beatbox parts (Beasty), amazing soul vocalist (Laurne P Magnani), insane metal guitar solos (Pierre Danel/Kadinja), body-builded drum parts (Morgan Berthet), African percussion and grooves (Ludo Lesage).Always cleverly mixed.

    In support of his forthcoming album, Shob is preparing to tour Europe in April 2018 covering 7 countries: France, Germany, Holland, Slovaquia, Italy, Austria, Norway. His band features Morgan Berthet (Myrath, Eths, Klone, Kadinja) on drums, Denis Cornardeau on guitar and Tony Lavaud (Charles X, Santa Machete) on keyboards.

    Shob's music is described as intense progressive rock/funk played live by amazing musicians, and has been compared to Snarky Puppy, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock, Oz Noy, and Larry Graham. He has played more than 1000 shows over the past 6 years, and his solo project allowed him to open for great Jazz artists such as Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, and Gary Novak. He played some of the greatest places such as: Hell Fest open air (Mainstage France), Graspop fest (Bel), Wacken Fest (Ger), Ziget fest (Hung), Madrid electric fest, Elyse Montmartre (Paris), ST Emilion Jazz festival, Moscow, Rio, Sao Polo, Santiago Chile, Barcelone, St Barth, and Europe.

    One thing defines Shob's shows: GROOVE. Audience must be prepared to burn the dance floor out on this crazy fusion funky sound. This said, technical virtuosity lovers won't be disappointed. Shob's quartet are some of the greatest musicians in their category. Also, there's a large part of improvisation during the ensemble's shows, in which each musician can express himself, and interact with the audiencewhich makes every show UNIQUE.

    Shob Karma Obscur Tour 2018
    02.04.2018 FR-Marseilles, venue TBA
    05.04.2018 AT-Frauental, Bluegarage
    06.04.2018 SK-Bratislava, Museum
    07.04.2018 AT-Vienna, Reigen
    08.04.2018 AT-Linz, SMARAGD CC TBC
    09.04.2018 DE-Passau, Cafe Museum
    10.04.2018 DE-Frth, Kofferfabrik
    12.04.2018 DE-Karlsruhe, KOHI
    14.04.2018 NL-Tilburg, Paradox
    16.04.2018 DE-Celle, Herzog-Ernst
    17.04.2018 DE-Gttingen, Nrgelbuff
    19.04.2018 DE-Unna, Khlschiff
    20.04.2018 DE-Nordhausen, Cyriaci-Kapelle
    21.04.2018 DE-Rodgau, Maximal Kulturinitiative Rodgau
    22.04.2018 NL-Zoetermeer, Boerderij (afternoon show)
    24.04.2018 FR-Nancy, MAI France

    Shob also has been teaching master classes since 2010 with his amazing musician and friend Morgan Berthet (drums for Myrath, Klone, Eths, Kadinja...) He's also known for his tutorial bass video on youtube and bandcamp. Shob is sponsored by Sandberg basses, Aguilar Amplification.

    Best fusion album of the year - Planet Waves / 2014

    Not only for bass players, those who look for groove and various musical colours will be pleased. - Pavillon 666

    This kind of album is timeless and in 50 years from now, we still can play it, it wont get old at all - Metal is the Law / Webzine

    Watch Shob's new video:

    To purchase Shob's Karma Obscur:
    iTunes: ;
    Bandcamp: ;

    Shob's youtube channel has more than 500 000 hits and 2500 followers:
    Shob Karma Obscur:
    Shon Green Elephant:
    Audio/Video sample Sacerdoce:
    Audio/Video sample Enclosures:

    For more information:

    MAXIMUM Booking
    netMusicZone Records
    Phone: 0049-(0)-8324-933-851
    Fax: 0049-(0)-8324-933-829
    E-Mail: ;

    Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (US),

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    Great funky jazzrock-album. It has it all: of course strong bass-playing, heavy (but not metalic) guitar-parts, to-the-point horns, some wonderful keyboard-stuff. Etc.
    And the compositions are fine too: all more or less 5 minutes with catchy themes and short solo's and duels.
    I believe it was mentioned in threads like "New releases only".
    Here's the only vocal track (watch it complete, because there's an unexpected change halfway):

    Except I'm 65

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    SHoB released his third album Solide last month. Swinging/smoking jazz-rock/fusion again.
    Here's a nice track (watch the record-covers on the wall!)

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    This is the information we usually get from gopr:

    French Bassist SHOB Returns With 3rd Album “Solide” In May 2019

    France - Less than 2 years after the release of “Karma Obscur,” which had brought him all over Europe (Norway, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Slovaquia, France) for more than 30 shows (NattJazz w/Cory Henry, St Emilion Jazz fest w/Maceo Parker, Boerderij/Zoetermeer, MAI/Nancy, Bordeaux w/Greg Howe…), Shob is back with “Solide,” 11 Fusion/Afro/Funk tracks which will be released on May 3, 2019 (Inoue distribution/La Route Prod). On April 15, SHOB and his musicians will be playing at London's famous Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club opening for guitarist Scott Henderson.

    “Solide” showcases 11 tracks with Afro/Punk colors (Hostile, Vertige, la Brche), Hip Hop moods with heavy brass riffs (Totem, Mmoire), or even Electro/80's sounds (Solide). The whole thing led by the powerful and precise drum parts of Morgan Berthet (Myrath, Eths, Kadinja), who also performed on the first two albums.

    Rocky and funky guitars are amazingly played by the two newcomers: Johary Rakotondramasy & Jean Lou Siaut, who are also on stage for live performances. There is even some New Orleans color with the really fresh track “Cure,” which reminds one of John Scofield's best moments (guitar played by Christophe Maroye).

    Brass section with FM Moreau & PJ Ley gives the album a strong Funk and Afro beat influence, reminiscent of Fela Kuti, Maceo Parker, Trombone shorty or Ibrahim Electric.

    Finally, the wild and groovy percussion played by Ludo Lesage bring a real “back to the roots” ambiance.

    Except two tracks with vocals (“Solide” w/Clia Marissal & “Totem” w/Lyne & Hugo Senbei), the album is mainly instrumental and leaves a great space for improvisations, with solos on every track. The songs on “Solide” were specifically written to be played live.

    Again, it's a really mixed variety of music that SHOB and his friends will be playing on stage from April 2019 through an European tour which will bring them to Germany, UK, Austria, Latvia, Poland and France.

    Tour line up:
    SHOB (bass), Simon Renault (drums), Tony Lavaud (key), Johary Rakotondramasy/JL SIaut (guitar)

    SOLIDE tour 2019 :
    24/02/19 FR – Bordeaux - Le caf brun
    16/03/19 FR – Carignan – Salle de la mairie
    15/04/19 UK- London – Ronnie Scott
    24/04/19 DE – Frth – Kofferfabrik
    25/04/19 DE – Karlsruhe – Kohi
    26/04/19 AT – Hard – Kammgarn
    27/04/19 DE – Mainz – Jim
    30/04/19 FR – Nancy – MAI
    19/07/19 LV – Saulkrasti Jazz Fest
    27/07/19 DE – Herzberg - Burg Herzberg Festival

    “More Solide than ever” - Bassiste mag

    “Best fusion album of the year” - Planet Waves

    “Not only for bass players, those who look for groove and various musical colours will be pleased.” - Pavillon 666

    “This kind of album is timeless and in 50 years from now, we still can play it, it won't get old at all” - Metal is the Law / Webzine

    To purchase SHOB's “Solide”:
    Smart URL:
    Physical copy:

    SHOB's youtube channel has more than 1 million hits and 4000 followers:
    SHOB “Karma Obscur”:
    SHOB “Enclosures live”:
    SHOB “La Brche”:
    SHOB “Green Elephant”:
    Audio/Video sample “Sacerdoce”:
    Audio/Video sample “Enclosures”:

    For more information:

    MAXIMUM Booking
    netMusicZone Records
    Phone: 0049-(0)-8324-933-851
    Fax: 0049-(0)-8324-933-829

    Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (US),


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