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Thread: The best prog band you (never) heard in 2017? It might just be these guys...

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    The best prog band you (never) heard in 2017? It might just be these guys...

    There was a lot of great music floating about last year. Lots of proggy stuff and truckloads of other interesting bits.

    I was surprised King Black Acid went pretty much unnoticed, though, considering both their releases were terrific. Sort of proggy, a bit dark and wandering. The "Dream suite" at the end of their second album of '17 was particularly Floydian and 'Waiting For The Sun' from the earlier EP was one of the best individual tracks I heard all year.

    Take a listen, if you haven't already:

    Twin Flames EP

    Super Beautiful Magic w/The Crystal Unicorn

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    Had no idea they were still a thing. I have "Loves a Love Song" and the Mothman soundtracks at home. Will have to give this stuff a listen, thanks!
    Ephemeral Sun - because I gotta do something about these boxes of CDs in the basement:

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    Same here. I have "Loves A Long Song", but had no clue they were still together. Have heard nothing about them in years.

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    I have another friend who assumed they'd thrown in the towel and was thrilled there were TWO new releases last year. You won't be disappointed. If listeners who previously liked them had no idea they were active again, it kind of proves my original point. I only discovered King Black Acid through these releases, but I genuinely love them now.


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