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Thread: Classic 1983 Prog Album By The Gardening Club Reissued

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    Classic 1983 Prog Album By The Gardening Club Reissued

    For Immediate Release

    Classic 1983 Prog Album By The Gardening Club Reissued With Bonus Tracks!

    Gonzo Multimedia has reissued the debut album by the Gardening Club! Originally released in 1983, this Prog influenced record was “the right album at the wrong time.” It has now been re-released with an additional five studio tracks complementing the albums original twelve tracks.

    The CD package sports the original Gardening Club cover and includes a 24 page illustrated lyric booklet, created especially for this re-release by musician/artist, Martin Springett.

    Says Martin, “I am thrilled that this music is finally seeing the light of day. I felt at the time that it was special, the perfect marriage of my art and music, influenced as I was by all the classic Prog music of my youth, and the wonderfully over the top and imaginative packaging. I have been in Canada for many years now, but as many listeners have told me, I have retained my 'English sound.'”

    “The record sounds like the ‘70s; channels the aesthetic and narrative attributes of Middle Ages poetry and art; was released during the heyday of futurist pop, and is now being reimagined more than 30 years later.” - Jeff Low, Broken Pencil

    “Now this is that classic prog rock sound that we all love so deeply and dearly...Just a gorgeous, inimitable, eternal album, that deserves to live forever.” - Julian Ryan,

    Martin Springett was born in the U K but moved with his family to Canada in 1965. In 1969 in Vancouver he recorded an album of settings of Tolkien's poems from Lord Of The Rings and the Hobbit. Alas, Christopher Tolkien did not allow the record to be released. Martin played in bands and toured in Canada and the U S, but returned to England in 1971 to seek a record deal. He toured in Europe with a band called Gateway Driver, based in Hanover. Upon returning to Canada, a move to Toronto meant entering a new musical landscape and a Vancouver pal, Don Geppert, now a respected engineer in the Toronto music scene worked with Martin on an LP called The Gardening Club, which was released in 1983. Martin has continued to write create and record music in the intervening years, releasing six independent CD's.

    Martin and his band mates, Norm Macpherson, producer and guitarist, and James Macpherson, drums and synths, recently completed a new Gardening Club album called The Riddle. Martin is now putting the finishing touches to the art that will accompany this record.

    To purchase The Gardening Club:

    For more information:

    Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (US),

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    Heads in the Sky related, according to RYM
    Infinite Ceiling on every Thursday night at 8:30 with me or Mark Keill, archived shows:
    Electronic Meditation on archived shows:

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    I see you can listen to and purchase the original album and the other material included on the CD on Bandcamp.:

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    Quote Originally Posted by smcfee View Post
    Heads in the Sky related, according to RYM
    After hearing the samples on the site I don't really hear a musical relationship, but maybe there're are others.
    Heads In The Sky have a more rocking sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by interbellum View Post
    After hearing the samples on the site I don't really hear a musical relationship, but maybe there're others.
    Heads In The Sky have a more rocking sound.
    It took me some time, but I've finally bought this one.
    After listening to it I hear some productional sounds that are familiair with Heads In The Sky (HITS), but more importantly is that on a couple of tracks members of the HITS are accompanying Springett.
    Strange thing is that Russ Walker, the leader of HITS, plays on two tracks, but on this re-release his name isn't mentioned.
    You can see his credit on the inner-sleeve of the original LP:

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    Here's a nice youtube-clip I found, in which Springett discusses the re-release of the album plus some more:

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    Here's some other music by Martin Springett as can be found on the album Blue Evening, which he did in 2001 with the band Freefall:
    (this video made me smile):

    This is the story behind this video:
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    The Gardening Club just released their new album, Boy On A Bike.

    Here's a short piece with the great guitarist Norman MacPherson:

    And here's the track WolfGate (with a lovely fretless bass):


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