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Thread: Who are the biggest touring acts in prog today?

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    All of this is very obviously true, so I'll try to rephrase my point. Italy, during the 70s that is, certainly experienced a "progressive rock boom" with both "proper" progressive acts (P.F.M., Le Orme, New Trolls, Banco, Formula 3, The Trip and so on), more experimental ones (AreA, Battiato and Stormy Six) and pop artists somewhat temporarily influenced by them (I Pooh, I Nomadi, I Dik Dik, Branduardi, Battisti, De Andre etc.) reaching considerable degrees of recognition for those traits. Which again naturally spawned a substantial scene of followers and one-offs (which was my initial point); the latter being a case for comparison with Japan, whose stab at pop culture was pretty much of an imported phenomenon which sat uneasily with other tremors of the day, such as political radicalism among youngsters. The comparison was not as concerned the state of "prog-rock" in those countries, but of pop-culture as a singular whole in both. Like I wrote earlier, none of Japan's 70s progressive acts (Far East Family Band, Cosmo's Factory, Flower Travelin' Band, Carmen Maki et al.) ever achieved a level of success even remotely in line with the gross of P.F.M. or Le Orme in Italy; rather it was a post-modernist resurgence of foreign impulses occurring a decade later.
    Thanks for the reply. I see what you're getting at more now. Why do you suppose no prog artist in Japan had the kind of impact there we both have in mind?

    And regarding that, what do you (or anyone else here) make of Shiina Ringo by the way? She's certainly quite popular in Japan and seems like someone who might appeal to at least some fans of progressive music in general though she doesn't seem to come up much in typical prog contexts.

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    By the way, to go just a little bit further off topic on the subject of prog's significant intregration in Italian life, check this out:

    This is article is about music orchestrated and played by Rome's police band. They performed music by Goblin, Keith Emerson, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Rovescio della Medaglia, Battiato, Le Orme, New Trolls, PFM etc.

    I have a hard time imagining something like this occurring elsewhere:

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    I think they have been actively touring, even in the US.

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    Neal Morse and all of his projects...
    one of them Transatlantic is currently recording their 5th album.
    last year saw the release of NMB The Great Adventure, his solo Jesus The Exorcist & Flying Colors 3rd album.
    quite a busy guy.


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