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Thread: Dream Theater - Root Of All Evil (Drum Cover)

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    Dream Theater - Root Of All Evil (Drum Cover)

    Hey guys,

    Thought some of you may enjoy this. Recorded it yesterday, warts and all!

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    Nice job!

    Where do you play? and how does a young guy like you express yourself musically? Kind of hard to get to play songs like that in any cover band, or just sitting in your own room doesnt seem like a very good use of your talents.
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    I'm impressed that you're riding with your left hand. Anytime a drummer isn't crossing their strong hand across their weaker one to play the hihat I take notice. If you say that you are left handed playing your kit set up like a righty, that's impressive too.

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    Gotta show my percussionist 10 year old son this.

    RoAE is his fave DT song ever.
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