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Thread: Hackett Featured on Sirius XM Deep Tracks' Music Discovery Week

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    Hackett Featured on Sirius XM Deep Tracks' Music Discovery Week

    Not such a big deal, but they're playing tracks from Hackett's new CD this week:

    SiriusXM Deep Tracks is serving up FRESH TRACKS all next week! Itís SiriusXMís MUSIC DISCOVERY WEEK. Hear fresh tracks from Steve Hackett as he revisits the music he made with Genesis, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Eric Burdon and much much much more!

    Did you know he made music with the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and Eric Burdon?

    Anyway, a little more evidence of prog on Sirius XM Radio, that's all!

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    Heard Hogweed on my way to work this morning. Pleasant surprise and it sounded good.

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    I like Deep Tracks for playing the prog stuff, but what I really miss is the online-only Music Lab channel that XM used to have before the merger. Much more concentrated to my interests.
    Progtopia is a podcast devoted to interviewing progressive rock, metal, and electronic artists from the past and present, featuring their songs and exclusive interviews. Artists interviewed on the show have included Steve Hackett, Sound of Contact, Larry Fast, Circus Maximus, Anubis Gate, Spock's Beard, and many more. See you in a land called Progtopia!


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