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Thread: CDs for sale Cheap

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    CDs for sale Cheap

    Some CD's for sale I'm looking to unload cheap. All CDs are in near new condition. CDRs as indicated, otherwise all are factory pressed to the best of my knowledge.

    $2.00 per disc
    Curandero – S/T
    Last Days of Lucidity (David Harrington) – S/T
    Living Colour – Collideoscope (cutout on bar code, disc is mint)
    Living Colour – Stain
    Mercury Tree – Freeze in Phantom Form
    Might Could – Wood Knot
    Oregon – Music of Another Present Era
    Palmer, Amanda – Who Killed Amanda Palmer
    Procession (David Harrington) – Procession
    Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers
    Sambara – Asomandose

    $5.00 per disc
    Confusional Quartet – S/T Compilation (ELICA UPP-3210)
    Hysteriofunk – Deco

    Domestic U.S. postage is $1.50 for the first disc, and $0.50 per each additional CD. Jewel case CDs will ship with no jewel cases, but if you want the jewel cases I will calculate postage for that and let you know the total. International I'll have to calculate postage and get you a total (I'm assuming no jewel cases unless otherwise specified). PM me or email me at


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    Bump. Deleted a bunch that were sold and added Carnegie's Rock & Roll Symphony for $5.00.


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    I'll take the Carnegie.
    "If you want to see the true nature of humanity, just look at the internet."

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    Quote Originally Posted by moecurlythanu View Post
    I'll take the Carnegie.
    Cool, $6.50 total. You can Paypal me at Thanks!


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    I'll take the Marbin album if you've still got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapidfirerob View Post
    I'll take the Marbin album if you've still got it.
    The Marbin is yours, I just PM'd you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sputnik View Post
    The Marbin is yours, I just PM'd you.

    Deal is done. Thanks a lot!

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    Still have A Chair In The Doorway? I'd like that one if you do.

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    The list in the OP is up to date, so yes that is available and yours if you'd like it. $3.50 total. You can Paypal me at Thanks!


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