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Thread: What's New in Neo-Prog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rajaz View Post
    If it weren't for Marillion and IQ still producing new material, this movement would be dead.

    Bands like Pallas are practically gone. Pendragon and Arena still record and tour but with the pandemic, they are pretty much shut out.

    There is a lot of new bands like these posted here - but are not part of the original Neo-Prog movement of the early 80's. They need a new name or designation. Like it was posted on this thread, this movement died in the 90's. NEO comes immediately after the original Prog movement of the 70's that transitioned into a new decade and died in the 90's.

    It would be beneficial to hear more airplay for them on streaming services like Delicious Agony to get to know and hear more of them. But don't call them Neo prog.
    Pendragon has announced UK dates for next year, and will be announcing European and festival dates soon.
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    Neo-prog made in Italy. After a very long hiatus, Raven Sad is returning to its audience with a new album that actually deserves confirmation among the best neo-prog albums of this year so far. As an album with a multitude of fantastic instrumental passages in these songs full of temperaments, emotions, soaring guitar solos as well as passionate vocals, "The Leaf and the wing" is a wondrous musical journey of this unique band that created and released this jewel of non-British neo-prog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monet View Post
    Neo-prog made in Italy.
    Nice! Thanks!
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