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Thread: My Ambient Guitar Gently Sleeps

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesmanzi View Post
    Dunno if anyone is still scrolling around this thread, but here this was fun. The last thing I posted was multiple tracks recorded and shot over a couple of nights, this one was powered up the pedal board, played for three minutes, and powered down again.

    The Zoia is an insanely powerful device.


    First, I really liked the performance. Second, a quick check of the Zoia website makes m mouth hang open.

    My goodness, I need to look seriously at this magic box!

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    It is a magic box, and I waited way too long to get it.

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    Holy crap the new CBA pedal.

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    The new Chase Bliss pedal, Habit, is basically a delay - but has a 3 minute buffer that is always recording. A knob called spread will mix audio from the buffer into your delays as a secondary (double tap) delay, and the scan knob just throws bits and pieces of sound from the buffer out there randomly.

    So I had the idea of feeding the buffer dialog from an iPad and seeing what would happen. That aside, this is a pretty lovely soundscape that I'm very happy with.

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    Last night's sounds.

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