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Thread: Prog mentioned in the New York Times

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    Prog mentioned in the New York Times

    This past Sunday's edition of The New York times included, as main article in the record review page, a review of Chilean band Follakzoid, whose record II has just been released by American label Sacred Bones. The article, titled “Textures From Near, Far and Out of a Psychedelic Haze', written by Ben Ratliff, although it''s not very long, goes beyond a conventional record review.
    It mentions that Chile is experimenting its second Psychedelic-rock scene, the first being the pre-1975 (and pre-military coup days), when “Chile once had some great psychedelic and progressive rock bands, including Los Jaivas, Aguaturbia and Los Blops”.
    Now, acording to the article, a Santiago label, Blow Your Mind Records, is rhe main force behind the new scene, with bands that exhibit “hippie universality, plus the early '70's long form motor -rhythm rock of German bands Can and Neu plus the ragged stomp and furtive pop instincts of the 90's American bandthe Brian Jonestown Massacre.
    The Follakzoid album, by the way, “is a winner”, a record that “builds danceable songs, either slow or brisk, out of long jams”.

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    Wow, it's a rare day that they use the P word. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will investigate.

    I have a boxed edition of Roy Harper's Folkjokeopus and in the box I keep the NY Times review of his show at The Bottom Line circa late 90s because it always blows my mind.

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    Follakzoid has a very early 70s Kraurock vibe, designed for the dance floor in 4/4.

    It's OK.
    no tunes, no dynamics, no nosebone

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    it was used last week in the Weekly alternative paper in the Twin Cities about a band called "The Greycoats." However, in hearing them, I don't hear much what most would call "prog." Maybe somewhat in the psych-power pop vein though.


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