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Thread: Your fav Hendrix cover? (pick one!)

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    Derek and the Dominos Little Wing - my favorite by far. I didnt even recognize it was the Hendrix version. I thought they were 2 different songs. Slow hand did a nice job, not by "covering" Hendrix, but by making it his own. Best song on the Layla album!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarlberg View Post
    Yes, but...
    A guitarist covering Hendrix has to -- IMO -- either bring something really new & different to the tune, or he has to "out-Hendrix Hendrix." You can't just play a Hendrix tune without acknowledging Hendrix is associated with it. Because Hendrix was MORE than just a guitarist.
    Tell that to SRV. Did you actually listen to FM's version of "Red House"? I have dozens of Hendrix performances of that song and FM's is quite different. Now, his version of Voodoo Child (the slow version) is another story.
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    Hendrix covers often tend to be quite underwhelming, but Kingston Wall's version of Fire is quite intense.

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    This one

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    There are numerous covers by Eric Johnson to choose from...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronmac View Post
    Tell that to SRV.
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    My favorite Hendrix cover to watch:

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