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Thread: +Live+ Reunite: New Album & Tour in 2017

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    Hah! That’s awesome!! Hope you enjoyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gruno View Post
    Hah! That’s awesome!! Hope you enjoyed.
    I did. Now it's the last band of the night though - Bush. And I don't want to hear them. So I'm turning up my own music... Live was fun to hear though, they also played Shit Towne, White Discussion, Lakini's Juice, Turn My Head, Dolphin's Cry and of course Lightning Crashes... as well as another cover, this time Paint It Black. They sounded good! I would have enjoyed a few more deeper cuts like Top, Insomnia And The Hole In The Universe or The Beauty Of Gray, but it's a free festival and I guess the bands pack their sets with hits.
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    Some friends of mind were trying to talk me into seeing them at the Arts Center about a week or so ago, but did not want to see Bush under any circumstances so I passed. Shame to have missed Live but I'd have to think I'll get another crack at this in less than a year.

    I'm hoping the reissue sees a stand alone CD release otherwise I'm out.


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