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Thread: Modern Fusion of the more Jazzy variety

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeprogmeister View Post
    Some pretty great stuff here from a couple of young prodigies:
    Yeah, love it. Still waiting on their debut album, but maybe the current situation is pushing it back even more.

    I keep going back to this virtuoso display from Domi when I think of her.

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    Wow, I really like those 2. - would definitely pick up their album
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    I keep going back to this virtuoso display from Domi when I think of her.
    I think I've heard that sound before. On a bunch of George Duke albums. But she's plays the hell outta that stuff.

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    Valeriy Stepanov Fusion Project №1 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    #JazzFusion 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    "#ValeriyStepanov is stepping up his game and taking the always fun and #funky Funk-Fusion genre and moving it into new realms of what is possible and pleasurable and reaches new heights of imagination and melodic majesty that puts his band clearly on Top of the Fusion world." ~ Conspiracy Realist 💯%
    After New Beginnings (2017) his sophomore project was Valeriy Stepanov (Live) with songs from his debut album in live atmosphere. Now he returns with a jazz fusion album as #ValeriyStepanovFusionProject aptly titled Album №1. Valeriy had the privilege to record his new tunes with such incredible musicians as Martin Miller, Sebastian Lanser, Steven Williams, Steve Tavaglione, Альберт Степанов, Alex Hutchings, Marcus Thomas, Jerohn Garnett, and Johannes Zetterberg.



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    New album First Days of Summer from Kalevi Hämäläinen Group on Finnish label eclipse:

    Pretty nice stuff.
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    Sarathy Korwar

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    Just found the music of this young guitarist from Israel, called Tal Arditi.
    He just released a new album, called Colors. Here's the trailer:

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    I've put out a new track recently that maybe some of you may like!

    The single (with another track) is available on Bandcamp here:

    Mastered by Bob Drake


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