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Thread: Opeth - The Clean Vox Albums

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKL2000 View Post
    Today I got Sorceress and Garden of the Titans (2CD/BD/DVD) in the mail. So while I've listened to parts of Sorceress before, I'm right now in the middle of my first proper spin of the album with actual CD-quality sound ('s a CD!). It sounds great, and is a very cool album. Looking forward to watching the Red Rocks show! It had always bothered me that I hadn't really devoted any time to Opeth beyond Heritage, and in fact I haven't even listened to Heritage that much, but I did buy it when it came out. So it's good to be back on the Opeth bus!

    (Pale Communion and In Cauda Venenum are in the mail.)

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    Just finished watching Garden of the Titans. Good show, and good sound. When they're editing these things does Akerfeldt tell them not to use close-up shots of him singing? Especially the growled vocals - the camera's never on him when he's growling. I think he doesn't like how he looks when he growls, or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKL2000 View Post
    the camera's never on him when he's growling. I think he doesn't like how he looks when he growls, or something.
    I hadn't picked up on that before. Elizabeth Zharoff (The Charismatic Voice YT channel) was able to see enough of what he was doing to form an opinion when she viewed Ghost Of Perdition (spoiler - she was very impressed).
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    My Clean Vocal Era Rankings

    1. Pale Communion
    2. In Cauda Venenum
    3. Heritage
    4. Sorceress

    Perhaps I should circle back to Sorceress. I know a few folks who like Sorceress best.
    I like the Swedish version of In Cauda Venenum more than the English. If it were just English, I would place Heritage above In Cauda Venenum.

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    I don't know how this concert package escaped my notice.

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