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Thread: Interview with Exivious on House of Prog!!!

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    Interview with Exivious on House of Prog!!!

    Noon PST 3 PM EST Noon PST 9 PM CET 8 PM UK
    Wed Oct. 19th: A NIGHT WITH EXIVIOUS

    Dj Morgana is pleased to present you the interview with Tymon Kruidenier, guitar player of the prog metal band Exivious, which she has recently discovered and appreciated. In this funny interview Tymon will talk about the new materials they're currently working on, whose details Dj Morgana tried to snatch from his sealed lips , the underlying concept behind "Exivious" and "Liminal" albums and the joy of setting new challenges. Everyone's invited, make sure not to miss it!



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    A few months ago I interviewed him about his other band Our Oceans, which is more or less the same band as Exivious, although it makes quite different music:

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    Nice one! I'll have a listen. Did you catch DJ Morgana's interview too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelo View Post
    Nice one! I'll have a listen. Did you catch DJ Morgana's interview too?
    Sorry, no, I'm a bad (internet)radio-listener.

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    New video from Our Oceans: Tangled (from the debut-album):

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    Guitarist Robin Zielhorst (Our Oceans, Cynic, Exivious) has started another band ONEGODLESS. They started a crowdfunding campaign for their first album on

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    New track from the forthcoming Our Oceans-album:

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    Weeping Lead, the new single from Our Oceans, starts quite Radiohead-like but burst out into doomy guitars after a few minutes.


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