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I know that the intent was to play the whole SEBTP and maybe I'm a Genesis philistine but I prefer the Seconds Out-style Cinema Show that ends climactically after the instrumental section rather than the way they played it as on the album where it sort of peters out into Aisle of Plenty.
I was bothered more by Jonas playing bass during the keyboard solo section of The Cinema Show, versus the 12 string on the original version. I noticed he used the doubleneck through the entire song. Assuming that he actually had the 12 string neck tuned the same as Rutherford did in the vocal section, he probably couldn't use it on the keyboard section. I don't know what Rutherford did when they played The Cinema Show live, but when The Musical Box did it, the bass player would play acoustic 12 string during the first section, then switch the doubleneck during that little instrumental section that leads up to the keyboard bit.

The other thing I noticed was Jonas playing bass through the whole of Firth Of Fifth, whereas Rutherford would switch to 12 string and bass pedal during that sort of dramatic section of the guitar solo. Also, except for a couple songs, Jonas was the only person onstage playing 12 string, whereas we all know one of the Genesis "signatures" of that era was the double 12 string. Given that I didn't really notice anything "missing" in other places, I gather Roger King or the woodwind player must have been playing the other 12 string part on keyboards. I don't like it when they "cheat" like that, but I don't think it really affected the sound.

At any rate, I definitely enjoyed the show I saw. I just wish Steve would play the whole of Los Endos, without slipping other things into the middle of it. But he's been doing that for I don't know how many years (he certainly did it when he played NEARfest in 2002), so I don't imagine that's going to change any time soon.

BTW, I was also amused to sit Steve sit down on the drum riser, during the keyboard solo in The Cinema Show. Back in the Genesis days, he'd leave the stage at that point, since he had nothing to play, so I think it was kinda neat to see him just sit there and listen.