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Thread: New Zappa Releases

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    re: Joe's Garage,

    I think Keep It Greasy is the perfect metaphor for the music business. You sign a contract with a major label, you will almost certainly get plooked.

    But for me, the best thing about Joe's Garage is Watermelon In Easter Hay. You want to hear Frank at his best as a guitarist, well, it's right there. I wish the Zappa Trust could put out a "radio edit" that doesn't have the Central Scrutinizer talking up the track, as it's kinda weird to play on radio, ya know, you got this long spoken word thing, and then the track begins, and he's still talking, etc. They should do a version with the Central Scrutinizer thing mixed out, and maybe edited slightly so that you only hear the vamp a couple times before the head begins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chalkpie View Post
    I believe it was recorded at Village Recorders in LA....Frank didn't have his UMRK studio yet if memory serves.
    Correct, he built UMRK in 1980 and You Are What You Is was the first album he recorded there.


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