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Thread: Bruce Springsteen & Prog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by floyd umma gumma View Post
    Maybe that's a reason why I like Yes music so much - I have no idea what the words mean.
    You must love Cocteau Twins, then.
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    BTW, I finally had a chance to listen to The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle, and indeed, there is some "epicness" in some of his tracks, especially on the flipside. I never realised there were 4 tracks above 7 minutes on that album.
    New York City Serenade could be an early Van Morrison track, really
    This one might've now snatched away the top Springsteen spot on my list, dethroning Greetings.

    Originally Posted by floyd umma gumma

    Maybe that's a reason why I like Yes music so much - I have no idea what the words mean.

    Neither does Jon!!

    But Aymeric did a fairly good attempt of deciphering Jon's mumbo-jumbo in his Yes book.
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    Born to Run...

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    Well, that's four and a half minutes of my life I'll never get back...
    Maka ki ecela tehani yanke lo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3LockBox View Post
    I gotta say, I'd be pissed off if I plunked down a wad of cash for a concert and got a political rally in between songs. I had a Springsteen DVD of one of his NYC concerts and tended to go on and on. Of course I could fast forward to the next song.

    If an artist wanted to host an event where he/she did nothing but talk about their political or social views, I might go if it were free, but I wouldn't pay for it. But using a concert to preach to a captive audience is rather indulgent, even if I agreed with the views. If I pay for music, I want music. I understand not everyone goes to concerts for the same reasons I do. Hell, many people's motivations for attending concerts elude me.
    With all due respect, if you pay what one would have to pay to see Springsteen live and don't know where he stands politically, or that he will express that during his shows, that's on you.

    That said, I've seen him about a half-dozen times now and he wasn't political at any of the shows I've seen.
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