Thread: The Damn I'm Old Thread - Putting Up With Being a Geezer

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    Most of us are experiencing the opposite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeuhlmate View Post
    Most of us are experiencing the opposite

    What can this strange device be? When I touch it, it brings forth a sound.

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    Going back a bit to personal exercise...... Last April I stopped going to the gym when I made the trek back to NJ to see the Strawbs 50th. When I returned in mid May, I resumed my 3-Mile-Mosey at the local Mall but never went back to the daily Gym workout.
    I "Forced" myself yesterday to return to the Gym...... I resumed my weight routine albeit with less weight and Reps to reintroduce my muscles to the workout. I did the same with the Treadmill routine too.
    Woke up this morning feeling a bit more perky and NO grumblings from the affected muscles. And...I'm actually looking forward to going again today! (off-day for weight training)
    Over the six month absence...I reinforced my misguided assumptions of the Gym in question... (one of two locations I frequent) It is predominantly populated by White privileged retirees*.....1/2 are there just to sit on the machines and socialize....and they get pissy if you ask to use the machines they are reclining on. The younger folks are watching You Tube videos while sitting on the machines. It was frustrating to keep up a routine constantly interrupted by these folks who weren't really there to workout. Anyway...I returned......MOST of those folks were the routine went at a good pace.

    The bottom line (for me).....If the gym workout makes you Feel Better physically & mentally...then Get Back There regardless of the obstacles! If the "speed bumps" return (retirees) I'll go a little earlier when the "working folks" are there at a faster clip.....or, start making a stink with management regarding machine usage. GIT OFF MY LAWN!!

    * I can say this as I grew up in this neighborhood....these old farts are the parents of my old classmates.....and even they had an air of privilege 40 years ago in school.
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    Anybody heard from Steve (progeezer)? I haven’t seen him here in a week.
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