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    I had a mild case of Shingles a couple of years ago at age 57. I'm seriously considering the vaccine. I don't think insurance covers it ... of course. It's a few hundred bucks, I believe.
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    As long as they are not nude, and masturbating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mozo-pg View Post
    As long as they are not nude, and masturbating.
    I don't wanna see that either. With or without a case of shingles.
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    I had shingles twice. Very painful. When the vaccine became available I got it (Don't recall getting a second dose, though). Haven't had an attack since. Best wishes to you, Yodelgoat.

    I was surprised to learn that it affects a third of the population. I guess most people suffer in silence. I have learned it is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox, which I had in childhood. It stays in the body and can attack some as shingles later in their lives. Now that there is a chickenpox vaccine, I would expect incidences of shingles to decrease eventually.


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