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Thread: Premier League 16-17

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    Scrap the season and start again in September

    I say this as someone who whenever I hear Covid 19 expect it to be followed by West Ham nil

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    Congrats to the scousers who are red...although the City bashing was embarrassing yesterday! Glad to have football back....gonna be an interesting end to the season on both ends of the table. Klopp is making history, an amazing coach. And this from an Evertonian.

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    It’s strange to have it back, I don’t like watching with the fake stadium sound, I prefer the empty stadia transmissions, but without fans it’s an odd watch. I was amazed and delighted that West Ham managed to finally find some spirit, fights, goals and a win, perhaps we can you save this dismal season.

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    Newcastle have played quite well so far be it against a 10 man Sheffield and a clueless Bournemouth. Up above 40 points now so probably comfortably safe. Have to say Bruce has done a lot better than expected. Main issue is still getting rid of the owner.

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    You’ll probably add another three points tomorrow too, so safe and comfortably so. Bruce has exceeded everyone’s expectations, and deserves support of whoever comes in to take ownership from Ashley.


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