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    That's because Morricone was connected to Dario Argento long before Argento went on to make films. So they already had a feel for each other. Sergio Leone, Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento co-wrote the screenplay for Leone's epic masterpiece, Once Upon A Time In The West. My God, with the talents of those three, no wonder that screenplay IMO is one of the greatest I've ever seen and heard. So deep, so many side stories, so much depth and insight about what civilization with bring to the wild frontier, and how it will end an ancient way of life.
    From memory this goes even further back. The father of Dario Argento , Salvatore was a film producer and as all lived in Rome I remember having seen a documentary where Dario Argento talks about Leone being at the family home.
    Btw one thing that Leone and Corbucci and in a musical way Morricone brought to the western was their Roman humour that created often a contrast to the rough atmosphere .

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    I have compiled most of the highlights of the lesser known Western scores that Alan Bishop recommends here
    Great list! !!!
    I have listened to a couple of scores all for films by Mauro Bolognini, one of the longest collaborations of Morricone:
    Assoluto naturale 69
    Fatti di gente perbene 74
    Per le antique scale 75
    Mosca addio 86
    La vila del venerdi 92
    Not among the most adventurous scores but in all these scores are beautiful melodies.

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    You Tube posted this video last week from Italy to commemorate what would have been Ennio Morricone's 92nd birthday titled Morricone Segreto-Celebrating Ennio Morricone: The Secrets Behind His Genius. Those that are still alive who collaborated with the Maestro and one of his son's are featured. For those who will always embrace this master, here are more insights to what made EM's music so magical.

    Day dawns now numbers infinity.

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