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Thread: Lost Nathan Mahl DVD completed to YouTube

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    Lost Nathan Mahl DVD completed to YouTube


    I wish to announce that the Nathan Mahl concert DVD project is now completed. It was Guy LeBlanc's final wish to simply post it to YouTube, and not deal with the headaches of pressing DVD or Bluray discs.

    Here is the Main Concert YouTube playlist:

    Along with the Bonus Material YouTube playlist:

    As a final thought, here are a few attached pics of Guy from an informal interview at his home in 2010. He was an intense no compromise artist, but he also had a sense of humor . He's sporting a Camel shirt, which of course he was a member of, before he passed away last year.

    Chuck from Ottawa.

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    Thanks Chuck!

    I had the good luck to meet and talk with Guy in NC the year he played with Dave Campbell & Rebel Wheel at Progday, and thought he was, if I had to pick one word, delightful.

    I look forward to watching this (wistfully).
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    Guy was a good man... I had many a chat with him, being two of the few French speaking people at places like NF or PD. I also attended everyone of the ill-fated Progtoberfests held in his home town. He is missed....
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