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Thread: I'm the new guy. Whomever would like to say hi can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Dworkin View Post
    Hey, rapidfirerob, of course ABB rule! But Plankton as you said are pretty good. I'll check out your tribute band if you have some stuff on youtube, reverberation, band camp etc... If there is some words I'd sum the ABB band in it would be (music of feel). Because their music wasn't just music you heard, you felt that in every nook and cranny of your emotions when they played those notes. Even Greg Allman's voice is magical. There are just some songs that have that magic. For the Allman Brothers Dreams is one of those songs for me. That song hits me so damn hard in the heart. Another song that does that for me is by Bob Seger the song Mainstreet. That opening guitar melody is heavenly. At the end of the day you just can't beat the classic bands, nothing comes close to them and probably never will. And if there is a band that can come close to those bands nowadays I'd love to hear them. There was something in the land, air and water during those times though that I don't think can or ever will be replicated by the newer generation. I am 31 years old but I bow down to the master songwriters of old.
    We have a Facebook page and videos on YouTube. Thanks. The chorus bass line in Dreams is so beautiful. Berry Oakley was in his own class. I feel privileged to play his lines and on his vein.
    Thanksgiving is about family, friends and being thankful, not what you eat. Hope it was a good one.

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    Welcome new guy from old guy.
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