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Thread: Prog Demographics Part 3: Yes vs Pink Floyd

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    I believe it's a solid 10-10 score for those who are decided, with a smattering of "I love both" thrown in for those who aren't.
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    Floyd for sure. Yes has it's moments, but why too much pap overall.
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    Floyd, but only up to Obscured by Clouds; Yes I only liked with Peter Banks, but still can't stand Bruford

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    These threads are stupid, but Floyd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSixFan View Post
    At their peak, both bands were tremendous.
    Couldn't say it better.. I have my "Fragile" moments as well as my Meddle moments.. there are times CTTE is the perfect fit.. and then I find myself in a Wish You Were here stage.. I think Floyd played their hand of cards better overall than did Yes but we could argue all day as to whether or not it was management..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Bails View Post
    Yes, but it really depends upon my mood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon moon View Post
    YES up through Going for the One.

    Not even close for me.

    But then, I was never a Floyd fan, nor do I consider them prog.
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    Floyd are definitely prog imo but I'm going to chose Yes. Both bands are in in my top ten though. Unfortunately I never got to see PF. I had a ticket but sold it because I didn't want to go alone. Oh well.

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    Yes for me.
    I love Close to the Edge and Fragile more than any Floyd album.

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    Yes. Probably. Maybe. I think so. Eh...OK.

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    Did you know moecurlythanu an I are both from Lovetron?

    More Floyd has lasting impressions.

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    Yes. Floyd is awsome but Yes aged better for me. Goes without saying Floyd was better live. Talking original 4 members not the Waterless version.

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    YES is always the answer for everything. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvyesmusic View Post
    YES is always the answer for everything. ;-)
    Not really, I would like to say No sometimes.

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    Yes by a long shot... and there's very little I like after Drama but that 70's catalog is epic. The only PF album I liked was Wish You Were Here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital_Man View Post
    I had a ticket but sold it because I didn't want to go alone. Oh well.
    Maybe a topic for a new thread. I went to three concerts alone back in the day, just bought the one ticket because even my musician friends wouldn't/couldn't go. ("what's Be Bop Deluxe?") I hated buying tickets and then cajoling someone to go who wasn't into the music. Worst disaster was when me and a band bud got tickets for Yes -Relayer tour and were pumped... and then he goes and buys two more tickets to take some girl he was after, leaving me hanging. I called up one girl who I knew was a huge Yes fan but she was 17 and her father wouldn't let her go. Ended up taking a girl I had my eye on but she hated every minute of that show, never spoke to me again after that.
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    I am pleased that I got to see both bands in their prime, Yes on their Topographic Oceans tour (1974) and Pink Floyd on their Wish You Were Here Tour (1975). I like both bands. It doesn't have to be a contest.


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