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    We play music ourselves and even recorded two albums as "Bald Angels" (with a little help from a few friends), "The Goat and the Donkey" and "It's a Dog's Life", but with 500 copies each only (which we sold at our restaurant). Friede played drums and percussion instruments and sang lead vocals, I played keyboards (mostly piano) and sang some harmony vocals. The music was a bit strange; lots of experiments. with two adaptions from classical music (Franz Schubert's "Erlkönig" and Hugo Wolf's "Feuerreiter".

    The cover pictures were done by a befriended artist, and the cover of the second album was very provocative, showing us in the nude on all 4s led through the city on leashes by another woman.

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    Interesting. I only write music and let the computer do the playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by progeezer View Post
    You ladies and the expressions on your faces in that photo (you both look terrific!), speak volumes about the strength and upbeat outlook of the worldwide LGBT community in spite of all the unwarranted, despicable and ignorant crap they have been through that unfortunately won't be over until blinders come off a whole lot of people..

    Welcome to both of you.
    What he said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldFriede View Post
    Trust me, at the beginning I wanted to do the same. But in the self-help group you learn to accept the look. The mantra "I am beautiful without hair" helps a lot. We almost love the look now.
    You are both young women. This affected my ex in her 20s but her hair returned. It then affected her in her 40s, never to return. She had stains on her scalp from years of dyeing her hair. She would not have been able to pull off the 'no scarf' look. I always felt a little guilty about what occurred. When we met, she had a full head of hair. As our relationship evolved and we moved in together, she started taking the pill and that's when her hair started falling out in clumps. She panicked and tried to hide it from me for a while. She was always wearing scarves or bandannas; even to bed. Eventually she explained it all to me. It wasn't pretty at first but eventually all the hair fell out, I got used to it, and our relationship lasted a good 7 or 8 years beyond that; until other issues ultimately split us up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldFriede View Post
    My favorite movie is "M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder" by Fritz Lang
    What a phenomenal movie. Saw it years ago. Peter Lorre was immense as the killer. I believe we have some old movie fans on this site, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldFriede View Post
    Hi, I am Friederike, the wife of BaldJean, but just call me Friede. Our musical tastes are quite similar, My favorite movie is "M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder" by Fritz Lang, my favorite book is "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" by Susanna Clarke, and my favorite painting is "the Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch.

    I have alopecia universalis as well; Jean and I met in a self-help group
    I think last week I saw some people performing music inspired by The garden of earthly delights. There were two instruments build, that can also be seen on the painting. The music was based on the music that can be seen on the painting.

    Alas I can't find a link to the performance and the only websites I found some information about the piece are in Dutch.

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    Why not use two different email address to avoid some problems or confusions.


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