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Thread: AAJ Review: Jane Getter Premonition, ON

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    AAJ Review: Jane Getter Premonition, ON

    My review of guitarist/vocalist Jane Getter's fiery new record, ON, featuring her newly minted group Premonition, today at All About Jazz.

    While it's true that, in the rock world, there are relatively few female guitarists, especially those leaning towards the heavier and more progressive side of the equation, that doesn't mean that those intrepid enough to enter what has traditionally been a man's world should be assessed on anything but their own merits. Good guitarists are good guitarists, regardless of gender; great guitarist, too, are great guitarists, irrespective of their hormonal dispositions. Guitar Player Magazine may have rightfully deemed Jane Getter to be "the fieriest frettboarding female to ever strap on a Stratocaster," but the truth is that Getter needs no such gender differentiation; she is, quite simply, a great guitarist...full stop. A fiercely committed player, Getter's career has continued to evolve and expand significantly since Jane (Alex Merck, 1997), her first album as a leader, along with attention garnered playing with artists including Brother Jack McDuff, Lenny White and Michal Urbaniak, as well as through her time spent as the Saturday Night Live Band's guitarist,1995-96.

    Jane and her 2005 Alternity Records follow-up, See Jane Run, possessed all the ingredients to facilitate Getter's evolution into what she's ultimately become, first on Three (Alternity, 2012) but even more so with ON, which features the debut of her Premonition band. A broad scope of guitar colors from gritty electric to crisp acoustic, and the ability to shred when necessary and wax melodic when the material calls for it, it would nevertheless have been impossible to predict the electric funkster and occasionally soulful singer of Jane getting as down, dirty and downright progressive as she does with ON, her Madfish/Snapper debut.

    That husband/keyboardist/co-producer Adam Holzman--the only constant across all four of Getter's albums--has spent much of the past four years recording and touring with the constantly ascending star of Steven Wilson would, it seems, have something to do with the direction Getter has taken with ON--an album of progressive or, perhaps, more rightly post-progressive rock that could not have been conceived and performed by a group that didn't possess the jazz vernacular buried somewhere deep within its collective DNA. Add bassist Bryan Beller (Mike Keneally, Steve Vai, The Aristocrats) and drummer Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth, Steven Wilson) and Getter's Premonition becomes a quartet of musicians capable of playing pretty much anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by interbellum View Post
    Some comments on this album from PE-members:
    A little harsh, i think, overall. She's not professing to be any kind of God; she's just trying to get better one album at a time, and I think she is succeeding on that front. I think her playing on ON is, indeed, great when compared to early albums like Jane and See Jane Run. She's moving more towards a prog approach; this time there are more songs than instrumental tracks, though even the vocal tracks have lots of nice writing. No, she ain't breaking new ground but when you put together the band, the writing and the production, I think she's really finding herself now, more than ever. And for me, it's working.


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