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Thread: Crazy Bunch of Pages Displayed Near Top of Page?!

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    Crazy Bunch of Pages Displayed Near Top of Page?!

    I thought this was just how PE 3.0 was, but I logged in at work recently, which I'd never done (at this work place) and it looked normal. So why when I log in at home do I see in the top-left corner, below the search box, when I'm at the to of the main board, 119 squares, one for each page? It obstructs the words Advanced Search, which is annoying. I'm using Firefox at home, and IE at work.

    Anyone know?
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    Primary procreation is accomplished…
    Primary procreation is accomplished…

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    Capture.jpgYou mean like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by markwoll View Post
    You mean like this?
    Yes, but at the top of the main forum pages, such as "Progressive Music (The Main Board)".

    I see it too (on Firefox) but it doesn't bother me because I tend not to navigate the site that way.

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    This one is pretty annoying. It's at the bottom, as well, for me.

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    Me too, top of the page, IE and Chrome.

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    It does it for me, too, but it covers the Search box!


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