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Thread: Fates warning 2015 tour

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    Fates warning 2015 tour

    Did anyone see FW last night in Hartford? I'm undecided about going to the show tonight and wanted to see how the band is sounding these days. Thanks!

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    Guess that's a moot point now, but a couple of the forum comments have been good. I like the look of that setlist (even if it always feels weird to split Gray into pieces).

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    Pretty bummed I'm gonna have to miss them this time around. I saw them for the first time shortly after the new album came out and I LOVED it. .. But yeah, the APSOG bits always felt "taked on" to the songs they segued from and/or into. But still, great show.
    flute juice

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    I ended up not going to the Worcester gig and I wish I did. I've seen them many times over the years but I haven't seen the Alder lineup since 2003. The Arch/ Matheos show in Hartford a few years back was mind blowing! FW is a great and very under appreciated band.


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