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Thread: Best seat for playing guitar

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    Best seat for playing guitar

    It has been a while since I've played my guitars. I don't like playing with a strap. Our dining room chairs are too hard. The sofa is too low, and my bed is too high.
    What would you recommend. I found two decent possibilities. One was a Taylor Guitars bar stool. Sits up kinda high, but is pretty cmfortable and the foot rungs are in the right place.
    The second is the Roc N Soc Nitro Drum Throne. This sits just the right height, has a form fitting seat that is quite comfortable and has the give of a nice office chair.

    What is your pick?

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    Its only Fripp who sits !
    Real guitarist jumps around

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    I believe one particularly good guitarist who used to play in Genesis liked to sit as well.

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    Pick one that makes you feel very comfortable. It's like buying shoes

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    BB King got to the point after a while that he had to sit . . . . . .
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    I like the Roc N Soc, especially because you can get a Peg-It footrest, which was created for guitar players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    I like the Roc N Soc, especially because you can get a Peg-It footrest, which was created for guitar players.
    That's a good solution (with the footrest) , along with most drum thrones, both ordinary circular and "bikers" style!
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    Roc N Soc seating products are great for drummers and others. I use the drum throne with back rest when drumming and I use the stool with back rest when playing keys other than piano.

    The pedals are important as well. I like the Yamaha FC-7 (you my need to change polarity). The FC-7s allow two different angles, one great for sitting and the other for standing. The both have a nice broad range of expression. Sometime you may need to rewire the polarity of the Yamaha pedal to work with Nord or Moog. It is worth the time. They are very rugged a feel great during performance.
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    If any of you want a great guitar seat on the cheap, use an office chair with removable arms or arms that can be folded out of the way. Preferably, the seat should also have a built-in lift. You also want to get a chair that has 5 wheels, as the older 4 wheel office chairs from the 1990s and earlier have a tendency to tip sometimes. Perfectly excellent used office chairs can be had for $20 ~ 30.

    Use one of those cheap plastic closet steps (Rubbermaid, etc) as a footstool for classical guitar.

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    Definitely check out the Quick Lok guitar stool or the K&M chair. These have both been specifically designed for guitar. I personally own the Quick Lok and chose that one over the K&M because it includes an adjustable backrest.

    There's a cool page I found that reviews these stools and others better than me



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