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Thread: Wei Zhongle - US avant prog

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    Wei Zhongle - US avant prog

    This band's new to me.

    Easy on the ears trance-y avant prog with occasional zeuhlish style vocals.

    no tunes, no dynamics, no nosebone

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    Lovely, thanks for sharing this Chris.

    And how the heck are YOU? PM me sometime, if you get a chance. I assume you guys are still making music?

    All the best to you and yours,

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    I saw them in 2013 in their 5-piece, dual clarinet version on their 'Bought high sold low' tour. Very good show and album, albeit highly eccentric!

    Last I heard they were down to being a 3 piece.

    Haven't seen the video u posted.

    You can hear their albums at BandCamp.

    There was a discussion on the FB avant progressive site on them some time ago.
    Steve F.

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    First time I hear about them, but the track above was excellent. Thanks for the heads-up!


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