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Thread: Anyone here use a digital TV antenna?

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    I rely far too much on cable channels to even consider this. I rarely, if ever, watch the major networks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jglfan View Post
    I dropped cable recently and bought one of those flat antennas Jed mentioned. I was disappointed with the results but that is because I live in ocean Isle beach, 35 miles from Wilmington, nearest source of signals. I bought a rooftop antenna and reception is much better. Still have interference during heavy rain, but hell, I had that with the dish as well.

    Go to this website

    Align the antenna in a direction to get the most stations. I used the compass app on my iphone. Direction is very important for the best reception!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronmac View Post
    Government shutdown, perhaps?
    USPS has been delivering stuff for Amazon for some time and I don't think it has been a happy partnership. So much so that, at least in my area, Amazon has turned over deliveries of their Amazon Fresh to individual drivers using a kinda of Uber-like system - this is also not working out well - I really think Amazon expanded into these areas without doing the groundwork.

    As far as the theme of this thread - I have never had cable tv - always saw it as too much money for too little content. I had a rooftop antenna set up with two antennae split to receive stations from different directions - these connected to a smart tv and I would routinely get 70-80 channels/sub-channels including all the networks and public tv from New York, Long Island and, weather permitting, Connecticut and New Jersey. During a particularly bad storm the antennae were blown off the roof - after trying unsuccessfully to find someone to re-install them ( bit of a dying trade antenna installers) I attached an antenna splitter to 2 antennae pointing out the front and the back of the house. This reduced the stations I got to around 45 and I lost two or three networks.
    I read on a message board somewhere that if you wrap aluminum foil round your antenna it would increase the number of stations and the strength of the signal. So I tried it and it seemed to work as I now get around 60 stations and signal strength is notably stronger (if still subject to interference when planes from JFK airport take off over my house). But I agree that the height of the antenna is paramount, Reynold's Wrap notwithstanding.


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