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Thread: Arcturus-Arcturian

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    I have two versions of this release-the regular cd and the book with the bonus cd of remixes. I have only heard a few songs-some live at Maryland Death Fest and some off of the albums. So far, I am enjoying "Bane", although it is said to be the weakest song, and from the remix disc "The Arcturian Psychedelic Sign (MollarN)" Anyone else have this?
    "Alienated-so alien I go!"

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    I have it and I have been enjoying it....
    Enjoy the moment... It's the only way to fly!

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    Someone posted the Baltimore concert!
    "Alienated-so alien I go!"

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    heard it in it's entirety-great album. told someone Knut, Sverd and Hellhammer are a great power trio, with Mingay's bass Vortex's vocals filling in.
    "Alienated-so alien I go!"


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