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Thread: The Enid update...

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    The Enid update...

    ...or rather non-update. RJG has just sent out a message to the faithful that says almost nothing. I quote:

    It is a while since I last wrote to you all. A lot has been going on at The Enid Home as we adapt to the uncertain future facing most professional bands.

    I have learned over all these years that uncertainty often throws up unlooked-for benefits as well as unwanted setbacks. A time came when I decided to make friends with “uncertainty” and find the courage to walk those unknown paths through the woods.

    Once I had accepted that no one can expect to be happy all the time I began to find happiness in unexpected places. That was more than thirty years ago. And here we are in uncharted territory, once again.

    And Then There Were Three

    The Enid is a unique band whose music will endure way beyond my lifetime; of that I am sure. With the current band members, we have regained a stability not seen since the 1980s because of the brotherly love that binds us.

    Come walk with us. Plans are afoot and there is much to do.

    Yours as ever,

    Robert John Godfrey

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    Good attitude at least. This was on the heels of a disappointing gig cancellation in Birmingham.

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    At least RJG is still with us and trying to move forward.


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