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    Anyone? The cliffhanger before the cliffhanger?

    The King riding a bicycle. Beta can't become Alpha and is frighteningly even more whacked out than before.


    Just one more word.


    She and the guy from the island where Michonne was at are going to help save the day.
    It has actually been a half way decent season this half. I thought the episode a week ago Sunday was a really good one. Last night's was pretty good although the whole mine field thing was pretty stupid. Looks like the finale will have a lengthy delay since they have not been able to do post production due to Covid.

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    Yeah, it said later this year on the finale so it will happen we just don't know when. But, we do have the new series that's done and will air soon so that's a bonus. I'll also assume that Fear is done or mostly done and should air soon but I have no idea really.
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