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Thread: finding new appreciation for older releases

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    finding new appreciation for older releases

    I've been a fan of Gentle Giant since 1973-75, can't remember exactly when. At the time, I was listening to Genesis, ELP, King Crimson... you get the idea. Anyway, I had a really hard time appreciating "So Sincere" and "Knots" at the time. Many years later, it suddenly clicked and I loved those tracks. This new ability to appreciate songs like this led me to become a fan of more dissonant styles of music and more $$ coming out of my wallet. Yugen and Miriodor come to mind... So, anybody else experience something similar? Gateway songs like gateway drugs? Ha ha

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    Watching the Kansas doc, remembered how much I thought I disliked them as a teen in the '70s (overexposure), but rediscovered their classics in the last decade. Saw 'em for the first time here in town a couple of years back and they rocked.

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    I think that appreciation for more dissonant styles of music comes with listening experience. I had the same issues with Gentle Giant's more obtuse material for decades, as well as stuff by other prog artists and artists working in styles far removed from prog. Still have trouble with dissonant classical stuff, but I think that has more to do with the instrumentation. I recently bought Van Dyke Parks' late 60's album "Song Cycle", and love it. If I had heard it anytime between its release and a few years ago, I would've passed on it.


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