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Thread: City Boy

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    Love me the City Boy. I remember hearing them live on WNEW-FM in NYC. After the show, the DJ kept playing their live take of Dear Jean as the guitarist incorporated bits of Purple Haze, Day Tripper & others. Incredibly tight live, by the way!
    Wow, that would be something to hear! I would love to have seen them live, or at least had a live album.
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    I'm on record as a huge fan. Probably one of the most unfairly underrated bands in rock history. Fantastic songwriting, chops and not least production. A huge inspiration for both my bands. I tend to like other things Mike Slamer has been involved with too, even if he took a more traditional AOR route after City Boy.


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    Somewhere on the internet, 3RDegree got compared to them. I inspected their Anthology and then got every freakin' album. All great!

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    Lol Mason has died of a heart attack at his home in Birmingham, at the age of sixty nine.

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    ^ Sad news.

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    Sad news indeed

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    Just saw this - dreadful news.

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    Mike Slamer is a hell of a guitarist

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    Very sad news. RIP.

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    So sad. Much love.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iris View Post
    Lol Mason has died of a heart attack at his home in Birmingham, at the age of sixty nine.
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    Just found that Max Thomas is crowdfunding to get enough to make an 8th album - although only Roy Ward of the other members has shown any interest in joining in and only 200 has been raised in 8 months out of a target of 10000. The page is


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