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Thread: The Ever-Expanding Gear Thread

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    "Good" brand instruments comes with better hardware and better quality control for sure! As for well setup CNCs they produce components that make instruments of very good and consistent quality (presuming they do have a consistent quality control as well) but lacks that final touch of a good luthier.

    Lately I have come to trust instruments from the South Corean manufacturer Cort as it seems they have good factories and good quality control. I got a Chinese-made dreadnought (that comes with Fishman piezo bridge) and an Indonesian-made 5 string bass with Bartolini active electronics. Both with good hardware and wood, precisely assembled, but lacks the fine tuning of premium products. However they are ridiculously cheap cconsidering what you get. Cort manufacures instruments (at least the less expensive) for many different brands like Ibanez, Musicman, Schecter G&L and even most of Strandberg.
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    I have a cort headless bass (steinburger copy) its really solid. Of course I paid $150 for it beat to hell, - and had to get it fixed up, so its a lot more expensive than a 99 dollar guitar. plays and sounds great! It was sitting under the stairs at someones house for 20+ years.
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    One of these is arriving to me tomorrow. Should make for some good fun and inspiration. I've been wanting a pedal like the Generation Loss or the Shallow Water. But they are pretty pricey. I can justify the money for a guitar but not a pedal. It's still a little expensive, but I had to jump on it.

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    Hopefully I didn't mention this already in this thread, but I canceled my order for the Boss SY-1000 guitar synth. I decided I didn't want to be one of the first ones to try it out and instead I could wait and see how others like it. My main concerns are whether most people like the tracking and consider it an improvement over other things on the market. Also I am curious to see how people like the quality of the sounds and whether the pitch-to-MIDI aspect is usable (like for connecting to a computer and triggering soft synths).

    After canceling my order I decided to buy a guitar. I've never owned a guitar with a Floyd Rose so I ordered a Schecter Hellraiser with a Sustainiac pickup in it. The first one I received had broken strings. It shipped during very cold weather so maybe that's what caused that problem. I had a set of strings around so I spent some time and put those on (not the gauge it was set up for). Basically a pretty nice guitar and between the Floyd Rose and the Sustainiac it was a fun instrument that provided something my other two electrics did not. But one of the two battery access doors was broken. Also a small set screw fell out of somewhere and I never determined if it was just an extra piece of loose hardware or something critical.

    So they sent me another one and I sent the first one back. This one sounded a bit better perhaps due to the correct string gauge, but the circuit for the Sustainiac had an issue where, if the Sustainiac circuit was active at all, there was a high-pitched perpetual resonance. Probably a filter capacitor problem somewhere. So I sent that back and asked for a full refund.

    The reviews are starting to come in about the SY-1000 and they seem really good. Some of the initial demos were pretty cheesy, but now more people are teasing out some pretty nice sounds from these things.

    In the meantime I had a lot of other unexpected expenses come up, so I'll probably wait a while to satisfy my GAS.

    Yesterday I started in on repairing the nut on my Jazz bass and filing a new slot. So far I think I've made some improvement on it and will continue to tweak the setup.
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