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Thread: The Ever-Expanding Gear Thread

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    Pretty good little guitar picker

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    Cool. I visited a lot of those shops on Denmark Street the last time I was in London. Hanks for sure, and the one that had the Gibson doubleneck. It's fun to see all that stuff, but it's usually massively overpriced. There was a shop in Bath as well that had some of Martin Barre's guitars, nothing that he notably used however, just stuff he'd picked up then sold.


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    I ended up buying an electronic drum set (Roland TD-17kvx) and it's pretty awesome, particularly when combined with Superior Drummer 3.0. My guitar and bass chops are now suffering badly as I've mostly spent my time playing drums. I still don't think I'll ever be that great at drums, but I'm having fun anyway which is the whole point at this stage. I did manage to play drums, guitar, bass, and a tiny amount of keys all in one day recently though.
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