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Thread: Scott Henderson Interview

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    Received this email today:

    Guitar Virtuoso Scott Henderson To Release Instrumental Album For Guitar Trio “People Mover” On July 1, 2019

    Los Angeles, CA – Guitar virtuoso Scott Henderson has finished his new album “People Mover,” the most ambitious project of his career! The highly anticipated instrumental album for guitar trio will be released on July 1, 2019.

    Says Scott, “The music has a lot of interplay due to a busy touring schedule with bassist Romain Labaye and drummer Archibald Ligonniere. I'd say this album is a bit more harmonic than 'Vibe Station,' and the rhythm section plays a bigger role in the music. The challenge was to come up with new tones and effects I haven't used before, since like 'Vibe Station,' the songs are layered with multi guitar tracks.”

    “People Mover” demonstrates Scott's striking ability to combine elements of jazz, rock, funk and blues in an even more authentic, seamless and musical way than any of his previous work. Proof that after 35 years as a bandleader, Scott is a musician who's playing and composing continues to grow.

    From a recent interview, “My music isn't for purists, that's for sure, and I'm very thankful for my fans who are obviously open-minded and share my love for many different styles of music.”

    Scott Henderson's impressive work over the years as co-leader of the group TRIBAL TECH, leader of his own ground breaking trio, and sideman to some of the best jazz artists of their generation, including the great Joe Zawinul, has elevated him to the front ranks of both Jazz and Blues. Catch Scott on tour in 2019: July in Europe, September in South America, and October in Asia.

    To purchase (available July 1, 2019):

    For more information:

    Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Pride View Post
    Just read and enjoyed this interview (from 2012) with one of my top 5 favorite living guitar players. I know it's not destined to be a 15 page thread, just thought I'd share it with anyone who might be interested. He talks about several music related topics, from illegal downloading to gear to recording to how Tribal Tech's approach to music changed over the years.
    A recent interview with Scott by colleague Richard Hallebeek can be found over here:

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    Totally missed this thread way back when. Count me in as a Yuuuuge fan of Scottie's playing...good chance he is a top 10er or even 5er. Saw Tribal Tech in Albany in winter of the greatest shows to this day. The badass level on all involved was off the charts. Kirk Covington pummeled his drumkit so hard I thought it was going to start bleeding. Willis is equally as good on bass imo. Musicians of the highest order. I need to hear his newer shit.


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