that must be what I'm thinking of - he also asks "did Lalo send you?" in that scene...either the greatest instance of foresight in TV history or a clever writers' trick

since BB is told mostly from Walt's POV, it would make sense that Nacho & Kim are still around. there's even a possibility that Kim & Jimmy are still together somehow, though Saul does make a few lewd comments in BB that lead me to believe he's single by that time.

one thing I like a lot about BCS is that the characters are a lot less 'compromised' and that the shades of morality are a lot greyer. I loved the contrast of Jimmy & Chuck - both manipulative and unethical in different ways - Chuck's schemes are all within the bounds of the law, while Jimmy's aren't. Jimmy's okay robbing from the rich & greedy, while Chuck seems unwilling to help the little guy. I like that it has one character in Kim who is actually mostly good, despite loving the thrill of a good grift. I also like how Howard, who is set up to be this asshole no-nonsense lawyer, actually winds up being sort of a good guy.