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Thread: the musical box - suppers ready 2015-02-21

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    the musical box - suppers ready 2015-02-21

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    Having seen them 5 or 6 times I thought I was pretty much burned out on this bunch but I would actually be very happy for them to come to the UK again. But please, no Lamb....

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    Thanks for posting that. Saw them last evening do the Foxtrot show and will be seeing them this evening do the Selling England By The Pound show. Fantastic performance.

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    Having seen the MB back in the 90s, and seeing them now, I agree, this is pretty much overkill... I don't think any of the players are the same as back in the 90s. GENESIS wasn't the most lively band on the stage but this rendition of the band is even flatter than the lads were.



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