New SourceCodeX, Rebirth release due out 02/02/15

The page at CDBaby will go active on Feb 2nd with more info at:

It will be available at iTunes, Amazon, and a host of other sites for download and/or streaming.
This is deeply relaxing, meditative, and healing, long-form, ambient music using microKorg and Akai Miniak synthesizer keyboards only.

I had not recorded any music in over two years. One day the internal clouds began to part and within a few weeks all this healing music came forth. It reminds me in some ways of Chuck Wild and his wonderful Liquid Mind releases but my work differs in many other ways on some songs.

My 89-year old, widowed mother listens to these pieces all day on repeat and enjoys them. My wife says this is the best music I have ever released, coming out of deep pain and suffering. Some have said some of the pieces would be good for people being prepped and awaiting surgery to calm down. My mother said many pieces would work nicely as music playing for when the faithful are entering a sanctuary. What I do know is, I have poured my soul into each piece to make it a wonderful journey of peace and healing. This release would be great for massage therapy suites or for people battling grief, anxiety, or sleeplessness. Total running time of this release is a generous 79:35 length.