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Are there any Linn LP12 owners on here? I've often been curious about this turntable. I auditioned it once years ago and remember really liking it. I'm happy with my current VPI turntable, but eventually I'll be upgrading either up the VPI line or to another brand. The LP12 is crazy expensive now, especially considering all the add-ons that are available. What do you think Ken/Laser's Edge? Or anybody for that matter.
The LP12 has had a cult following for decades. Its still a fine table but the direction of modern tables has moved away from a suspended sub-chassis design. Higher end tables tend to be non-suspended high mass design.

I’m sure a well maintained LP12 with all the updates would serve you well if you could pick up a used one at a great price. If I were to buy a new table, dollar for dollar I would look elsewhere.