This thread is for those who take their music seriously, and take how they listen to it seriously as well. Please, no digital vs. analog arguments. If you can't accept those who love hi-rex digital or those who love high quality analog vinyl, then move on.

I have a pretty modest budget, so I tend to lean toward less expensive ways to enjoy high quality recordings.
One of the most recent is Hi-Rez digital files via HD Tracks.
While I often listen to these directly from my PC using a M Audio sound card and Sennheiser 595 headphones, I have also tried to listen on my "mid-fi" home theater system. Long RCA cables and even HDMI cables have proved to be impractical for various reasons.
My big Christmas gift this year was a FiiO X-1 portable Hi-Rez file player.
Right now, I use it for listening to all of my FLAC and WAV files. It uses micro SD cards for storage. It drives my Sennheiser headphones quite admirably. I am currently awaiting a 6 ft. mini-to-RCA cable so I can hook it up to my system.
It is a very nice player for just over 100. bucks, but here are a few caveats:
1. It doesn't come with a micro SD card. You'll have to buy one for it.
2. While it says it handles up to 128 GB, you can't set it up with that size card. You will need a 32 GB card to start. This ticked me off, because I ordered a 64 GB card to start with.

The good:
1. The sound is outstanding fo a portable unit.
2. The size makes it reasonable for portable use, and they do make an armband for it.
3. THe interface is similar to iPods, but maybe a bit less easy to navigate.
4. It comes with a nice black silicone rubber sleeve to avoid scratching the aluminum finish.
5. This unit is well made. It has some heft for the size. The buttons and the scroll wheel function very consistently.

My "mid-fi" system is a home theater with a Pioneer receiver, and all Polk speakers- two powered subs, two towers, a center channel speaker, and two rear satellites on stands. My players are a Oppo 981HD and a Panasonic BluRay. I also have a AT turntable that is being modified. I have a few more things to do before that is acceptable for listening. I also have a bunch of 5.1 discs (DVD-Audio, SACD and DTS) that I crank up when the rest of the family is out.

So, let's hear what you have, and especially any ideas you may have to make it sound better.