I finally upgraded to a high end (stereo) system in 2015, at the same time that we renovated our apartment. The objective was to get a system that was as neutral as possible, and thus accurately reproduced what it was being sent, so that I'm always listening to the music and not the system.

The end result? Tetra 333 speakers, a Leema Tucana II integrated amp (two mono blocks plus a power supply embedded in one=enclosure), and music provided either in a variety of hard formats on my OPPO UDP-205 and streaming from my Mac Music library (cd quality or better), through Apple TV 4K, which is plugged into the OPPO in order to utilise its high-end DAC.

And I got what I wanted. Very accurate transmission of the music, from whatever the source, through to the Tetraa that are so extraordinary and neutral that they almost feel invisible....helped, in a big way, thanks to the Leema,which appears to be a particularly great match for the Tetras (Tetra now suggests Leema as one of their most recommended amps).

I suppose I'm an audiophile because of the price of the whole setup and the resulting sound. But it seems to me that most/many audiophiles are always looking;for the next best thing. Me? After covering the 2019 Montrťal Audio Festival and, after/hearing a lot of great gear, going home with no feeling like I have to change anything, I remain as in love with this rig as I did when I first hooked it up. The only change I made was upgrading the OPPO,from a 105 to 205, and the only reason for that was to allow me to play 4K hard media.

I continue to love listening to whatever I put on, each and every day, as much as I did when I first bought the rig....and expect/hope at least the speakers and amp will last for the rest of my life.