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Thread: Art Zoyd 50% off - site hacked?

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    Art Zoyd 50% off - site hacked?

    There is a sale over the Art Zoyd shop, 50% off until january 5,
    However when trying to get there using Google I get an error- "Site is hacked".
    Anyone else encounter this problem?
    I sure hope they will fix it before the discount ends...

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    Works for me in chrome, but not in firefox.

    now also in firefox... must be some server error.

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    If they use WordPress, there have been a large number of sites exploited by hackers. If this is the case, your computer would have run a nasty Russian located script. Not good. The effected sites have been located ( to a certain extent ) and blocked by updated browsers.

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    Can it also harm if browsing using my phone?...


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